Congressman Gregg Harper’s congressional staff is committed to having the best constituent and legislative services in the country. The congressman has extraordinary confidence in his staff and knows that they share his commitment to serving all Mississippians throughout the third congressional district.


Scot Malvaney, Chief of Staff
Sharon Johnson, Deputy Chief of Staff
Jordan Downs, Policy Director
Bubba White, Legislative Assistant
Elizabeth Joseph, Health Policy Advisor
Colby Jordan, Director of Communications and Special Projects


Chip Reynolds, District Director
Debra Boutwell, Director of Scheduling
Janet Dominy, Director of Constituent Services
Patrick Seale
, Special Assistant for Constituent Services
Frances White, Special Assistant for Constituent Services
Larry Wert, Special Assistant for Military & Veteran Affairs
Steve Guyton, Military Academies & Youth Services
Austin Fratisi, Field Representative
Kyle L. Jordan, Deputy District Director