May 13, 2015

Trade Promotion Authority

Dear Friend, Ninety-six percent of the world’s customers are outside the U.S. If we want to create more opportunity and more high-paying jobs here at home, we need to sell more American-made products and services overseas. Since the U.S. historically already has more open markets than much of the rest of the world, trade agreements [ READ MORE ]

May 07, 2015

National Day of Prayer

Dear Friend, Many times as I walk through or accompany constituents in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, I’m reminded of and encouraged by the great men and women of faith who sacrificed so much to help forge this nation. Devoted prayer was an important part of our their lives. Today, the first Thursday [ READ MORE ]

February 27, 2015

The Student Success Act

Dear Friend, A number of misleading claims are being used by critics of the Student Success Act (H.R. 5) to derail K-12 education reform. The following information will explain my support and how the Student Success Act will reduce the federal footprint and restore local control over elementary and secondary education. Claim: H.R. 5 cements [ READ MORE ]

February 12, 2015

President’s AUMF Request is Insufficient

Dear Friend, President Obama on Wednesday morning sent Congress draft legislation authorizing the use of military force (AUMF) against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), warning that if the terror group was left unchecked, it would “pose a threat beyond the Middle East, including to the United States homeland.” In September 2014, I [ READ MORE ]

February 03, 2015

Growing America’s Economy Instead of Washington’s Economy

Dear Friend, In keeping with our pledge to Grow America’s Economy Instead of Washington’s Economy, I want to take a moment to draw your attention to what the House of Representatives has accomplished in just the month of January. We have passed 27 different pieces of legislation in 13 legislative days, including: Approving the Keystone XL pipeline (with the support of [ READ MORE ]