House passes FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill

Dear Friend,

This evening, the House of Representatives passed the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill. This spending bill contains a number of important measures that fulfill the people’s priorities, including protecting jobs, stopping wasteful spending, reining in government overreach, and funding our national security.

This bill also sets up a showdown with President Obama in just a few weeks on immigration and his illegal amnesty action. In January, with the help of a Republican-led Senate, Congress will have the ability to move legislation through the legislative process and work to place a check on the President's power. While this bill is not perfect, it does move us in the right direction on conservative principles.  


  • Fully funds our troops’ pay raise that was authorized in the NDAA
  • Includes $94 billion for new equipment and upgrades of attack submarines, EA-18G Growlers, KC-46 Tankers, F-35 JSF, and 3 Littoral Combat Ships
  • $5.4 billion to Fight Ebola in the US and abroad (below the president’s request)
  • Provides $64 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funding for our troops, to combat ISIL, Train and Equip Iraqi allies, and support for Ukraine
  • Prohibits the transfer or release of Guantanamo detainees into the US
  • No new funding for ObamaCare
  • Prohibits funds for ObamaCare Risk Corridors
  • Requires HHS and Treasury to report to Congress on improper payments of ObamaCare tax subsidies
  • Cuts the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) by $10 million
  • Maintains all existing pro-life policy and funding provisions
    • Hyde, Tiahart, Helms, and Kemp-Kasten Amendments, bans public funding for abortions in the DC, within FEHBP, and federal prisoners
  • Three new pro-life provisions:
    • Obamacare transparency - requires ObamaCare healthcare plans to tell customers if they provide abortion services
    • Conscience protection - requires HHS Office of Civil Rights to address complaints of violations
    • Provides $12 million in unused abstinence education funds
  • Cuts EPA $60 million (fifth consecutive year of cuts, totaling a 21% reduction since FY10, and a decrease in 2,000 positions – 1989 levels)
  • Prohibits regulation of farm ponds and irrigation ditches
  • Prohibits listing the sage grouse on the Endangered Species List
  • Protects Second Amendment rights and prohibits EPA to regulations of lead content in ammunition or fishing tackle
  • Amends Dodd-Frank swaps pushout requirements to protect farmers and other commodity producers
  • Cuts IRS funding $345.6 million ($1.5 billion below the president’s request and below FY08 levels)
  • Prohibits IRS targeting organizations based on their ideological beliefs or for exercising their First Amendment rights
  • Prohibits the White House ordering review of tax-exempt status
  • Prohibits IRS funds for inappropriate videos and conferences
  • Prohibits local and federal funds to implement legalization of recreational marijuana use in DC
  • Prohibits requiring businesses to disclose political contributions 
  • Fully funds the US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding at $3.1 billion
  • Prohibits funds for the Palestinian Authority if it unilaterally seeks membership at the UN and does not counter incitement of violence
  • Requires the Administration to keep Congress informed on Iran nuclear negotiations 
  • No funds for the IMF
  • Prohibits funds for Green Climate Fund
  • Provides flexibility for the Administration’s school lunch regulations 
  • Fully funds PILT at $442 million (including funds authorized in FY14 NDAA)
  • Prevents new fees on onshore oil and gas producers
  • Stops NLRB’s regulations related to e-Card Check
  • No funds for high-speed rail
  • Cuts AMTRAK by $90 million
  • Protects small business from over regulation related to commercial trucking, weight limits, driver hours, and hazmat permitting


God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress