Dear Friend,

In keeping with our pledge to Grow America’s Economy Instead of Washington’s Economy, I want to take a moment to draw your attention to what the House of Representatives has accomplished in just the month of January.

We have passed 27 different pieces of legislation in 13 legislative days, including:

  • Approving the Keystone XL pipeline (with the support of 28 Democrats)*
  • Passing the Hire More Heroes Act to make it easier for small businesses to hire veterans without running afoul of Obamacare (passed unanimously and is currently being marked up by the Senate Finance Committee)
  • Reauthorizing TRIA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act) and correcting a Dodd-Frank regulation that harmed manufacturers, farmers, and Main Street businesses (signed into law on January 12)
  • Restoring the 40-hour workweek and protecting the paychecks of millions of Americans (supported by a dozen Democrats)*
  • Prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortions*
  • Ensuring that Obamacare mandates don’t destroy volunteer fire departments (passed unanimously)
  • Restoring common sense to financial regulations to help small businesses access capital and grow (with the support of 29 Democrats)*
  • Expediting the licensing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports both to create jobs and strengthen our national security (with the support of 41 Democrats)
  • Streamlining the process for building natural gas pipelines so we can further lower energy costs for millions of American families (with the support of 14 Democrats)*
  • Blocking funds to implement the President’s unconstitutional amnesty*
  • Reforming the regulatory process to require agencies to seek public input and adopt the least costly regulations*
  • 12 separate bills to combat human trafficking, protect the most vulnerable among us, especially children, and help survivors recover.

As noted by USA Today last week, the White House has set its own record, issuing the most veto threats ever in the first month of a new Congress (including all those above with an asterisk). The Obama Administration has spent more time drafting veto threats – often on bipartisan legislation – than on identifying common ground.

In January, the new Republican Senate also set a record of sorts. The Senate has voted on more than twice as many amendments to legislation this month than they voted on the entire prior year under former Senate Majority Leader Reid!

House and Senate Republicans are doing the hard work that our country demands.  Tomorrow’s good-paying jobs will come from the freedom to innovate from the ground up, not from top-down bureaucrats looking out for special interests.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress