Dear Friend,

Agriculture is Mississippi’s number one industry, with more than 35,000 farms covering over 10 million acres of farmed land. It is clear that Mississippi family farmers are vital to our daily lives, so why then would we impose a tax on these family farmers that could jeopardize their livelihood and cost them the very farms that their family started through hard work and dedication?

The so-called “estate tax” is an extremely detrimental part of the current U.S. Tax Code. It puts a burden on these hard-working family farmers and, for many, diminishes their dream of one day passing their farm on to their children.
Congress is working on a plan to change that.

We are soon going to submit a plan to remove the this tax, and restore the American dream to these hard-working farmers and their families. Tax reform means that individual families and small-business owners will be better off, and the U.S. economy will thrive.
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It is my honor to serve you in Congress.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress