Dear Friend,

As we begin our work in Washington this fall, Congress is turning our focus toward fixing the over-complicated, burdensome tax code in the United States. It has been over 30 years since President Reagan signed into law our nation’s largest Tax Reform bill since the founding of our nation; in that time, that tax code has grown to become a maze of unfair special interest tax breaks that benefit only a few, through unfair carve-outs for Washington special interests. Now more than ever, we have a need for bold, common-sense tax reform to increase wages, cut taxes, and put more money in your pocket while restoring America as an economic leader in the global market. The House will soon begin work on a plan to do just that.

We will work towards replacing the outdated tax code with a system that is more simple, affordable, and competitive. We have laid out the entire plan at fairandsimple.govClick Here to Read More

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress