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Feb 23, 2016

Harper Fights Against Obama's War on Affordable Energy

Issues: Congressional Issues, Economy & Jobs, Energy

The EPA wants Mississippi to make a cut so drastic that we’ll have nearly the highest cost recovery in the country - a cost that will be paid for by Mississippians. I won’t be satisfied until it is no longer a threat to Mississippi families and businesses.

Feb 16, 2016

Bipartisan Delegation Introduces Legislation to Provide Financial Certainty for Rural Healthcare

Issues: Economy & Jobs, Health Care

U.S. Representatives Gregg Harper (R-Miss.), David Loebsack (D-Iowa), Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.), Trent Kelly (R-Miss.), and Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn.) introduced H.R. 4553 – the Critical Access and Rural Equity (CARE) Act of 2016. The bill establishes a baseline of what is considered an allowable cost under Medicare – ensuring coverage of the most common diagnostic tests and services and removing barriers to care so that Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) can continue providing high quality healthcare in rural communities.

Feb 9, 2016

Harper and Langevin Praise Committee Passage of Kirk Bill to Improve NIH Research

Issues: Disabilities, Economy & Jobs, Health Care, Seniors

Congressmen Gregg Harper (R-MS) and Jim Langevin (D-RI), co-chairs of the House Bipartisan Disabilities Caucus, today praised passage of the Enhancing the Stature and Visibility of Medical Rehabilitation Research at NIH Act by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP). As the lead sponsors of companion legislation in the House, they commended Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) for championing this effort in the Senate.

Feb 4, 2016

Harper Praises Governor Bryant and Mississippi Development Authority for Continued Commitment to Job Growth

Issues: Economy & Jobs

“I applaud the incredible work by Governor Bryant and the Mississippi Development Authority in continuing to demonstrate why Mississippi has a trusted reputation for business. Companies from across the globe recognize and have confidence in our skilled and dedicated workforce,” said Harper. “This is a great development for Hinds County and for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These are good-paying jobs that will help strengthen Mississippi and will ensure that our State remains internationally competitive. These companies could have chosen to expand at other locations, but the fact that they plan to grow in Mississippi speaks volumes about our business climate.”

Jan 13, 2016

Harper Votes to Repeal EPA’s WOTUS Rule

Issues: Agriculture, Congressional Issues, Economy & Jobs, Energy

“The WOTUS rule is yet another example of federal overreach by the Environmental Protection Agency. WOTUS is opposed by many, especially our nation’s farmers, who justifiably fear federal regulation of their land. Additionally, thirty-two states are suing the federal government over the rule’s legality. The joint resolution passed by the U.S. House and U.S. Senate would void the WOTUS rule, ensuring that water regulation remains in the hands of the states where it belongs.”

Jan 12, 2016

Harper Comments on President Obama's Final State of the Union Address

Issues: Congressional Issues, Defense & Security

“Since President Obama’s first address, Americans have been hoping that the seven years of promises for hope, change, and economic recovery were more than just rhetoric. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Tonight’s remarks were no different; a reiteration of failed policies that sounded more like a campaign speech than a State of the Union address.”

Jan 11, 2016

Harper Stands in Support of Nonprofits’ Challenge to HHS Mandate

Issues: Congressional Issues, Economy & Jobs, Health Care

“It is not the government’s place to determine what a person’s religion requires, and the government cannot justify trampling religious beliefs when it has readily available alternatives to accomplish its goal,” said Harper. “HHS’s enforcement of the contraceptive mandate against religious non-profits exceeds its statutory authority. This administration continues to put themselves on the wrong side of our nation’s long and cherished history of religious liberty and tolerance.”

Dec 16, 2015


Issues: Veterans

The Mississippi delegation urged the secretary to rescind the appointment and replace the candidate with someone more qualified. They cited McDougall’s testimony to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, in which she misled members of Congress about the extent of wait times for veterans to receive care in Southern California and the VA’s recent efforts to place her in other parts of the country.

Nov 30, 2015

Bipartisan Legislation To Help Small Communities Meet Safe Drinking Water Standards Passes House

Issues: Agriculture, Economy & Jobs, Health Care

The Grassroots Rural and Small Community Water Systems Assistance Act would authorize the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make grants available that provide technical assistance and compliance training to assist these communities in meeting national water quality standards.

Nov 23, 2015


Issues: Economy & Jobs

Members of the Mississippi congressional delegation and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant today welcomed news that the communication and electronic systems corporation L-3 will expand its presence in Mississippi by establishing its L-3 Logistics Solutions headquarters in Madison. U.S. Senators Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), U.S. Representative Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) and Governor Bryant have been working to demonstrate Mississippi’s strong support for the firm. With today’s announcement, L-3 is expected to soon add a significant number of new skilled jobs to its Madison office and grow operations in the state as market conditions improve.