Dear Friend,

Today I introduced H.R. 633, the Patient Fairness and Relief Act of 2017. This is a bill which will allow Americans to keep the health insurance policies that they had before the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, took effect. This is a promise that was made to us by President Obama over and over again while he was attempting to sell us on the idea of Obamacare; put simply, it turned out to be a lie.

Shortly after the Democrats passed Obamacare, millions of Americans received cancellation notices from their insurance companies. Over 200,000 Mississippians found themselves in this situation according to the Mississippi Insurance Department. Not only were their policies cancelled, they saw average premium increases of 66 percent for the new plans. This is a burden that so many in our state cannot bear.

The outrage from the American people over these cancellations caused the Obama Administration to create a transitional relief policy in 2014 which, contrary to the original law, allowed individuals and groups to maintain the health insurance policies that were taken away from them. On three separate occasions, the Obama Administration granted millions of people across the country this temporary waiver from the damaging effect of losing their current health plans. This goes to show how even President Obama recognized that the Affordable Care Act is deeply flawed.

The Obama Administration, however, refused to grant this much-needed relief a fourth time and unless we do something, these policies will be cancelled at the end of 2017.

The Patient Fairness and Relief Act of 2017 will solve this problem by allowing those who were granted transition relief to be able to keep their plans indefinitely. It will prevent cancellations and premium rate increases, and help to stabilize the insurance market for individual health plans.

America is finally turning the page on the burdensome policies of President Obama. Our new president has the authority to grant this relief through executive action and it is my hope that he will do so in the near future. With this bill, my objective is to speak for the hard-working people of Mississippi who will be hurt by the cancellation of their health care plans, and it is my hope to encourage President Trump to take action on this important matter.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress